"Now I drift through the poem of the sea"
        -Rimbaud, The Drunken Boat

…The Siren calls you...

The sun glints on grey rocks and broken waters. A voice rich with forbidden dreams and long-lost secrets slips into your ear. The siren is waiting for you... dare you heed her call?
The water is cool as she leads you into the sea, further and further from the safety of the shore. Colorful fish dart between seaweed forests as you descend deeper into the ocean.
The sunlit waters grow inky with depth. You glimpse the toothy maws of creatures too fearsome to be named, and craggy caves too ancient to be remembered.

Below this, only darkness, and an awareness of the depth of the void beneath you.
This is our realm. We are here, waiting for you.

Join us in the Deep, July 20th.

Velvet Nox presents Sirens of the Deep as we explore these dark and glittering waters through pole, burlesque, belly dance, and hula hoop performances brought to you by these delicious ocean denizens:

Blair Logan
Blaise Ricin
Christine Laylon
Devin Alfather
Irene Straddler
Jamie Angelica
Lilith Allure
Megan Breanna
Poe Magnifique
Red Rebel
Rynice Hanson
Shelbi Aiona
Zoja Ülesoo

Doors open at 7:00pm
Show starts at 8:00pm
Ages 18+
Location: Kick Butt Café
Drinks and food and ample free parking available at venue.
Reserved Seating, VIP, and General Admission options available.

Venue Details
Kick Butt Cafe
5775 Airport Boulevard, Austin, Texas, 78752, United States
We are a queer women owned pole and burlesque production company in Austin, TX