"Do I dare

Disturb the universe?"

-T.S. Eliot, The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock

Choose your deck; pull a card. What insight does the tarot offer tonight?

Each card guides us on a different path. As tarot can transmute our hardships into growth, so our dancers transform the archetypes of the tarot into sensual, powerful, erotic stories. From dark depths the Devil rises. From high branches the Hanged One inverts her perspective. From the sidelines, Death looks on, an omen of much-needed change.

Will you embrace the Empress’s warmth? The Hermit’s introspection? The Moon’s illusion? Join us as we explore these archetypes, incarnated and set free to spin around the pole. On May 18th, Velvet Nox Productions presents our own twisted exploration of the Tarot through pole dance, burlesque, belly dance, and other tantalizing arts.

Join us May 18th Kick Butt Café for a night of revelry, wonder, and passion, as fifteen performers spin tales of the Tarot.

Doors - 8:00 pm

Show - 9:00 pm


Featuring the incandescently divine:

Azul Rae

Desiree LeRoy

Devin Alfather

Erin Jayne

Foxee Fae

Irene Straddler

Lilith Allure

Megan Breanna

MK Ultra


Rynice Hanson

Shelbi Aiona


Vikka Wrexx


Sponsored by soFly Social and Minx + Muse.

Venue Details
Kick Butt Cafe
5775 Airport Boulevard, Austin, Texas 78752, United States
We are a queer women owned pole and burlesque production company in Austin, TX